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Visiting the Kananaskis Spa

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

This past week I had the privilege of joining my friend Bre to a content creator event at the Kananaskis Nordic Spa. The event was an opportunity for creatives to enjoy the amenities at the spa and collect content while doing so.

The Kananaskis Nordia Spa is located (obviously) in Kananaskis and is next to the Kananaskis Lodge. It is about an hour south from the Town of Banff and about 40 mins from Canmore. The Spa's main attraction is their Hydro Therapy Circuit, however they do offer massages as well. It has a variety of hot, warm and cold pools as well as saunas, steam rooms, winterized hammocks, fire cauldrons and a cute little bistro.

There are no rules when it comes to visiting, other than one: no phones or pictures. I like this rule, it gives you a time to unplug and recharge. However, when we visited this rule was waved for us as the time we had was to capture moments while enjoying the beautiful facility.

We started in one of the Gathering & Relaxation Pools, ranging from 32-38 ºC | 90-100 ºF, then went into one of the Hot & Elements Pools, ranging from 35-40 ºC | 95-104 ºF, and then attempted to go into the Cold Plunge Pool, ranging from 5-10 ºC | 41-50 ºF, but didn't make it past our calves! It was cold.

While hopping between the Gathering & Relaxation Pools and Hot & Elements Pools I was feeling relaxed and calm. We then stepped into one of the saunas, which happened to have menthol essential oil, and it was lovely. We walked out no longer feeling stuffed up and could breathe in the fresh mountain air.

We then headed over to the Bistro and feasted on some of the most amazing little snacks I've ever had. Between the dips, charcuterie boards and small dishes I couldn't stop picking. I would love to go back and order off their menu. There's something so special about sitting there in your robe just eating delicious meat and cheese, you know?

We then finished off in the Exfoliation Cabin which is a full-body exfoliation steam room. You are given signature oil-infused body salts at the start of your visit and you can head on in there and use it to scrub yourself and then rinse off in the steam room. It is so refreshing and you leave with your skin feeling rejuvenated.

Over all the experience was so wonderful, relaxing and delicious! I recommend it to anyone visiting Canmore or Banff. However, during the busy season it does fill up so they recommend booking in advance or you can guarantee your access and request a massage treatment or hotel spa package. They also have a page where you can check the current waitlist.

I am so excited to go back here when the snow flakes are flying and the temperature is a little more chilly! Maybe I'll see you there?

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