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8 Hikes for Stunning Photos - Summer

1. Tower of Babel (Moraine Lake)

This is one of my all-time favourites. I am not one to re-do hikes, there are just too many to experience out here! However, this is one I try to do every year. It offers amazing views of the Valley of Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake and Consolations Lake.

It’s short but difficult, and is more of a scramble than a hike, but the views at the top are worth the physical effort. There are awesome rocks you can sit on, lakes you can shoot from above, and of course you can capture the world-renowned Moraine Lake.

2. Devil's Thumb (Lake Louise)

Devil’s Thumb is an awesome hike in Lake Louise I would rate as moderate/difficult. The trail passes by Mirror Lake, Lake Agnes, Lake Agnes Tea House and Big Beehive making it one of the most photographic hikes I’ve done. You have the opportunity to capture some of the most picturesque spots in Lake Louise.

You follow the trail to Big Beehive then hang a right up to the top. You don’t actually get to the views of Big Beehive doing Devil’s Thumb but you pass right by the trail and I highly recommend adding the extra 500m to 1km to your trip as it offers an unbeatable view of Lake Louise.

3. Tent Ridge (Kananaskis)

Kananaskis truly is a hidden gem. It is a park system situated to the west of Calgary in the foothills and front ranges of the Canadian Rockies. Kananaskis if filled with some awesome hikes and amazing views, Tent Ridge included. 

Tent Ridge offers 360 views as you walk across the ridge, with especially good views over looking Spray Lakes. 

4. Rock Pile at Moraine Lake

It is no secret Moraine Lake is one of the most beautiful (and popular!) places in Canada – in fact it used to be on the Canadian $20 bill! The Rock Pile hike is super easy and good for all ages. It will allow you to get the perfect shot of Moraine Lake, just like you’ve seen all over Instagram.

For an added bonus, visit at sunrise and walk to the dock where the canoes are. Whether it’s a cloudy morning or a clear one, it will be mesmerizing.

5. Peyto Lake (Icefields Parkway)

Peyto Lake is another classic spot to stop and capture the amazing blue of the lake. Some even say it looks like a wolf head! This is a heavily trafficked location and it is best to go and catch at sunset. The hike up is super easy and leisurely so it’s good for any and all ages!

6. Athabasca Falls (Icefields parkway)

This waterfall is one you don’t want to miss and is along the most beautiful road, the Icefields Parkway. You have the chance to walk to the waterfall and continue to look over the gorge. This is a magical place and offers a few different perspectives for you to get creative photos!

7. Sarrail Ridge (Kananaskis)

Sarrail Ridge is another well known hike in Kananaskis and one who are looking for a good hike! It is steep to get to the ridge but it is worth it! Before beginning the treacherous climb to the ridge you hike to Rawson Lake and boy is it every beautiful. You can stop and take pictures at the lake and head back, or continue for more views and an extra leg burn. 

8. The Nub (Assiniboine Provincial Park)

This one isn't the easiest to get to, it is actually a hike we did when we hiked into Assiniboine Provincial Park. For more info on how we did that you can check out my blog on our trip.

The Nub is one of the most well known photography spots over looking Assiniboine, Sunburst Lake and Lake Magog. It is a shorter, easy-ish hike compared to the hike in! We did it at sunrise and it did not disappoint, however I think you will be rewarded regardless of the time of day you go.

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