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Dundas Peak - Ontario

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Dundas Peak Lookout

Hamilton is known as the "Waterfall Capital of the World" and I must say, has some of the most beautiful waterfalls I've ever seen.

Tew Falls and Webster Falls are two very popular spots and also the home of Dundas Peak.

I've been quite a few times, 4 to be exact, and each time it takes my breath away. My favourite time to go is in the fall when all the leaves are changing colours, the lookout overlooks several trees and when the leaves are changing the colours are amazing.

The Dundas Peak trail is about 4km, and can be very busy. Along the trail you will pass Tew Falls before getting to Dundas Peak, Webster Falls in the opposite way.

It is a very easy hike and does not take long to get there. Parking can be a little tricky, as Google Maps will not take you to the right place. There is a parking lot off of Harvest Road which is where I usually go to. It is paid parking and parking enforcement is out often.

If you're living the student life there is free parking on the corner of Brock St N and Melville St. It can be a little longer hike though.

I highly recommend this hike as I feel one day there will be a fence or boundary put up around the ledge taking away the beauty of it.

Level: Beginner

Difficulty: 2/10

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