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I'm Sarah, it's a pleasure to meet you. 

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I'm in my 20s and I'm originally from Ontario. I moved out to the Canadian Rockies just over 2 years ago now and am currently working full time doing Content Creation and Digital Marketing .


How did I end up living in the beautiful Bow Valley you ask? During my final year of undergrad, I found myself looking for a fun adventure, so I packed my bags, picked up my life and moved, for the summer, to Alberta. I was working along the Icefields Parkway at the Columbia Icefield and fell in love with the mountains, nature, and the way the sweat felt dripping down my face after a challenging hike. I finally felt like I belonged. I met amazing people with the most beautiful souls and found myself surrounded by jaw-dropping views where ever I looked, and so I moved my entire life out here.


I followed my passion and am lucky enough to create content in this beautiful part of Canada. If I'm not buried behind my computer you can catch me in the mountains skiing, trail running, hiking and climbing. 

I am eager to travel the world and embark on new adventures.  I live my life embracing every moment and enjoying everything mother nature has to offer. I hope to share my love for the world and photography with you, so grab your hiking boots and let's go on an adventure!


Social Media Policy

- all comments, thoughts, and photos are my own

- please keep it PG people

- please be nice as I am a person with feelings  

- inappropriate comments will be deleted

- otherwise, I welcome all thoughts and opinions!

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